The Capri features regularly on worldwide television programmes, in newspapers, in magazines, in books and I am also interviewed frequently for broadcast on worldwide radio stations. The past and present history surrounding the vehicle is both strange and interesting with many weird things happening to a large percentage of the people, buildings and vehicles that come into contact with the "HAUNTED CAPRI - ARK666Y".

This website has been put together following the immense interest shown in The Haunted Capri "ARK 666Y" by the media and public. Also I have spoken to numerous paranormal researches who all assure me that this is such an important case that I should record everything that occurs around the car and the registration number "ARK 666Y". They tell me to report absolutely anything strange or out of the ordinary hence some of the things I write about might seem trivial but when taken into context of the whole story a worrying picture emerges.

Please use the History page links to read through the amazing story.

The events connected with the car are all true and the various people involved can be contacted to verify their accounts.

Information on Cherished Number Plates